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HI. My name is Idan Dadon and I'm passionate for wine, data, technology and making people's lives better!

Currently Focused on Growth for Viber as a Senior Product Manager and Product Mentor for 13 Product Managers.

My latest work deals with a methodology which addresses one of the main challenges of growing a global product with over 300M monthly users. How can you represent such a wide variety of Users? How do you know what to focus on? where to focus?

Well, what if you could leverage behavior data in a way to efficiently optimize a product roadmap by shrinking 110 Countries and various cultures to only 9 representing models?!

Previously I founded and led noSolo to bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences, empowering people to meet with others nearby for the purpose of sharing activities.

Before that, I founded MultiDine, a hardware and software company that focused on learning customer eating habits and preferences for providing personal recommendations of what to eat and where.

Since 2008, I nurture a vineyard and make wine with a special process, where quartz crystals are introduced just before bottling, a process i've invented and issued a patent on back in 2009.

In General, I love creating things, working with bright people and spending time with my kids: Mia, Raphel and Omer.

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