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What makes us different


Quartz crystals were researched extensively for their ability to store static electricity and are considered to be nature's battery. According to the law of vibration, all matter resonates at a unique molecular frequency characterized by the vibration rate of electrons around the nucleus. It has also been shown that each human organ has its own resonant frequency signature. While organ frequencies may shift if the tissue is unhealthy, quartz crystal frequencies remain constant.

Through a patented process, we impart these stable vibrational frequencies from crystals directly into our aging wines. This molecular transfer alters the very structure of water within the wine, lending qualities described by the gems themselves - clarity, brightness, focus, and vitality. It’s this innovative mineral infusion that makes our vintages so smooth, aromatic, and lively on both body and spirit.

What do gems have to do with Wine?

Back in 2008, we learned about the law of vibration and the power of water to store information and change its physical structure, we then started experimenting with wine.

We’ve introduced a different gem to 10 bottles containing the same wine. Days later, in the lab, we used a device called BICOM to measure frequency changes in the body before and after drinking our wine, also comparing it the same wine that wasn’t processed with Gems. 


The results were astonishing! 

Not only were we able to see changes in the information picked up by the device, we’ve also discovered the connection between each gem-infused wine and a corresponding organ in the body. 

In an additional experiment we’ve conducted, we observed that the contact interval that the specific gem has with a wine impacts the amplitude of the affect a wine has on the information picked up by the device. 


What we understood from this, is that with optimizing the process not only does it have an affect on the wine, it also balances the body as a whole and leaves you feeling joyful and happy. 

In fact, by impacting the water’s structure we’ve realized that things like aroma and the overall experience of drinking the wine change. Introducing gems softens the wine and impacts how it feels on your tongue.


Also, it happens to be we were the first in the world to do this, and introduce gems to winemaking

(Patent WO2011018791A1)

About the Bioresonance Method

Bioresonance therapy makes use of natural physical information. With the BICOM® bioresonance device, the body’s own frequency patterns are transmitted to the deepest structures, bringing organs and cells affected by disorders back into their original balance.

The aim of bioresonance therapy is, on the one hand, to prevent diseases and, on the other hand, to support the healing of already existing complaints.

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