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About Us: The Essence of Gems Winery

At Gems Winery, our mission transcends the ordinary art of winemaking – we craft experiences that bring joy and balance to life. Our approachable and delightful wines are born from a harmonious blend of traditional methods and innovative spirit. Nestled in a serene desert landscape, our boutique winery cherishes every grape, nurturing them under the vigilant care of organic and pesticide-free practices. 


In each bottle, we capture a unique essence through our pioneering process of incorporating Quartz crystals into winemaking. This fusion of earth's gems with the potion of grapes creates a symphony for the senses, enriching both the palate and soul. Our wines – whether it's the Rose Quartz Merlot invoking love, the Amethyst Shiraz radiating happiness, or the Citrine Malbec symbolizing success – are crafted to elevate life's cherished moments.

Our Founding Journey: A Tapestry of Tradition and Innovation

The roots of Gems Winery lie in the fertile grounds of family tradition and a deep connection to nature. My father, Motti, alongside my grandfather, Yosef, instilled in me a profound respect for the land. Their stories of cultivation, from planting to harvest, were the seeds of my passion for winemaking. This passion blossomed in 2006, when, as an engineering student with a profound love for viticulture, I planted my first vineyard.


My journey took an intriguing turn upon discovering the mystical world of gemstones. I was captivated by the historical and cultural significance of these treasures – from their revered beauty to their supposed powers of protection and enlightenment. This fascination led to an innovative idea: could the vibrational energy of these gemstones, preserved in alcohol, be infused into wine?


Fueled by curiosity and a pioneering spirit, I embarked on a path of discovery, experimentation, and scientific exploration. My quest led me to become the first in the world to introduce Quartz crystals in winemaking, a patent-worthy innovation that bridged the gap between tradition and avant-garde.


My journey was enriched by friendships and mentorships, notably with Sharon Freilich, a gifted psychic and medium therapist. Together, we delved into the realms of vibrational medicine, uncovering the profound impact of gemstones on wine.


Our experiments with the Bicom device, a cornerstone of Bioresonance therapy, revealed astonishing results. We observed a tangible connection between gem-infused wines and their effect on the body – each gemstone aligning with specific organs, transforming the wine into a conduit of well-being. This journey not only validated our hypothesis but also deepened our understanding of how each element – from gemstone to grape – contributes to the holistic experience of our wines.

The Bioresonance Method: Aligning with Nature's Rhythm

Bioresonance therapy, integral to our research, harnesses the body's natural frequencies for healing and balance. The BICOM® bio-resonance device is pivotal in this method, capturing and modulating the body's energy patterns to restore equilibrium. This approach mirrors our philosophy at Gems Winery – aligning with nature's rhythm to create wines that not only delight the senses but also promote a sense of well-being.

In every bottle of Gems Winery wine, we encapsulate a story of tradition, innovation, and the pursuit of harmony. We invite you to join us in this journey, to savor the nuanced flavors of our wines, and to celebrate the beautiful tapestry of life.

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